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Setting up a Drupal Training Instance

In a couple of days I’m providing Drupal training at PPC. The goal of the training is to provide an overview and “get your feet wet” with Drupal.

I found a couple of cool things while looking for some decent training resources. First, the handbooks on are top notch (and free). Second, there is an excellent (free) ebook over at learnbythedrop called Building Your Blog With Drupal. It covers a soup to nuts install and configuration of a blogging platform (and is pretty up to date as of this writing). Perfect for a beginning training session.

To facilitate the training I set up an nginx install with php on my local windows machine (the training is in windows to make things less of a culture shock). You can find a great tutorial on doing that here and an nginx config tailored for Drupal here. Finally, I set up mysql with phpmyadmin and I was ready to rock.

The best part of this is that I needed to set up 25+ training machines with the same configuration. Because it’s all batch file oriented, I simply had to copy the entire directory tree, take a dump of the database and copy the whole thing to an EC2 windows instance. Finally, with a little nssm goodness I was able to make the whole thing automatic.

Presto. Drupal training.

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